Designer. Shareef Yassin

Fourteen months now after my restoration session, I am observing considerable hair density restored to the implant zone and can comfortably attest to a good experience with DHI Global Medical Group's Egypt clinic. Thanking all doctors & work personnel for their efforts for providing DHI's hair restoration services domestically.

Eng. Amr Ahmed Hamdy

The experience is painless and takes 3 to 4 hours . I hope you can get my experience.

Ms.Yasmnie Elhamawy Experience with DHI


Designer. Shareef Yassin

Designer. Shareef Yassin After 19 months

hamdy karim

very good staff and very helpful the operation was so easy and no pain advice any one to go DHI EGYPT


Easy process and excellent follow-up from the team here at DHIEGYPT.


The specialist was very clear and specific regarding the diagnoses. I was helpfull to me


Clean and neat place. Decent staff. Bad timing with appointments have to wait a good while


Great result after operation. All staff are professionals and have solution to any problem.

Ismail hafez

Magnificent results, just had my 9 months post operation check and hair count tripled Thanks DHI team

Mohamed Hazem

Professional staff, great specialists and the most important is the cleanliness of the place.


In my experience at hair implementation at DHI was extremely plesent as I recived very good guidance throw out the process . pre operation , in helping me understand what will happen during the operation and what I needed to prepare for it. Although all the research I have seen stated I will fell pain during the operation, it was not so in my experice with DHI, post operation in the healing process is where the pain for me started but I was very calmed to the constant presence of DHI for any of my delusional questions. Personally I would recommend DHI to anyone how would undergo this operation as I am very satisfied with the outcome and I can see that they are worth their charges. Hashem

Abdallah elmahdy

Very professional better than traveling You can have great results in egypt. Thank you so much

Ragui Chehata

I live in Canada and saw many doctors in Montreal and Ottawa concerning my hair loss. Since my hair density was very low (even in the areas where I wasn't losing hair), they all told me that there was no procedure possible to cover the part of my scalp which had hair loss. When I visited my family in Egypt, I went to DHI clinic. They were very professional and told me that although they couldn't cover all my scalp, they could cover part of it in front and told me there would be a big difference. I did the procedure in January and 8 months after the procedure, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the result. Many people told me that they found that I look much younger (which is a good thing in my case). My confidence went up. After hesitating for many weeks, I realise that the procedure is definitely worth it on the long term! Thank you :)

Aladdinakl Hammad

Thanks dhi for your efforts ...the best place for hair care in egypt. I recommend DHI .

Nikhil Antony Jonas

I heard of DHI following extensive checks online. My main consideration was getting the most professional service as it involves surgery. I have not been disappointed thus far. The Doctors at DHI were professional and frank in explaining how much hair could be transplanted as well as walking me through the process. The surgery itself, while long, was largely painless and conducted in an excellent clinic. My apprehension of doing an operation in Egypt was put at ease. Post-Op, DHI has been keeping tabs on me. I would recommend those who are interested in doing a hair transplant to just come by for a consultation and then make a considered decision following the advice given by the Doctors.